Manic Monday

More like Manically Evil Monday!

So my car died today. On the way to work. Almost a block from work. The dashboard instruments suddenly just all went to zero and the whole thing went –kaput–. I almost cried.

But instead I called my boss and asked him to come help me. Some nice men stopped and helped me push the car into the parking lot I had tried to pull into as my car was dying and then my boss came and towed my car into a parking spot so we could get to work and I could deal with that mess later.

So I get to work, get the phones turned on and my email up and send my dad (who owns an auto shop in the Bay Area) a text message to let him know what happened. Because I have to keep him up-to-date on any car issues. Especially since he just gave it a full inspection when I was in the area for the family reunion events.

Now he keeps sending me text messages, asking me to check such-and-such on the car. Um, dad? I just told you I left the car in a parking lot and am now at work. I can’t check to see if the radio will turn on because the car is a block away from me right now.

But it’s cool. He just wants to help and figure it out. So if someone is here to watch the phones around noon, I’ll take a walk to the car and my dad will try to diagnose the problem from two hundred miles away.

So that’s what is happening with me right now. Just thought I would let you know. Because I am kind of annoyed that my car was fine one second and then suddenly – dead. Or on life support. I don’t know yet.

Now that you’ve read my whining, check out these awesome posts from the last week:


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Is that enough for you? Have fun reading, and I’m always open for suggestions of great/interesting/funny/thoughtful/random posts to read.

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