Manic Monday

Upon returning to my Google Reader after a week vacation, I was overwhelmed with hundreds of unread bloggy posts. Currently, I am down to only 53. I left as many comments as possible, but truth be told? I skimmed quite a few posts. I mostly ignored giveaways and reviews and tried to leave at least one comment per blogger. It got kind of crazy there.

But now I am taking a breather from catching up on other blogs to post something on my own. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and hopefully it will make me feel less guilty for not leaving as many comments as I’d like.

What I want to do is share with you the great bloggy posts that I’ve read over the last week. Each Monday I’ll scramble up my favorites from the week prior and share them with you. Because I don’t want to just share my own words, I want to share the words that I enjoy reading on a daily (or weekly) basis.

I don’t have some awesome title for this feature, but maybe I’ll come up with something next Monday. Or I’ll just keep calling it “Manic Monday” because that song is the only thing that pops into my head when I think about Mondays (that, or ohmygodIdon’twanttogotoworkletmestayinbed. but that would be kind of along title, no?)


The hilarious Handflapper wrote this post that made me giggle hysterically at my desk. Now I’m pretty sure my co-workers know I’m not always sitting here writing up invoices and editing reports.

Girl’s Gone Child wrote some thoughts on turning thirty that made me sit back and think about how close I am to the third decade of life. “These are the things people have been telling you for years. And now its your turn to be authoritative. Except you will never be the authority on anything besides your own life. Because you are the only one with your experiences. Because contrary to the unsolicited advice of others, there’s no recipe for happiness, success… We are born with a blank maps in one pocket and a pencil in the other. Every day we draw and erase as we go. So you sharpen your pencil. Sing Happy Birthday every year on the same day. Thirty is how many times you’ve heard your name in a song.”

Several mommas wrote posts about their children graduating preschool, kindergarten, high school. I got nostalgic for my own graduations (six so far) and wondered what T will be like when he hits all these milestones. (Shout outs to Mandy, Stacey and Sherri)

Law Momma has written dozens of posts that speak to me, some of them are words that I wish I could have said so eloquently. Some of my recent faves are: What I’ve Learned, A Day in the Life, and Getting It Done.

And if you aren’t reading Childhood Trauma, then you are missing out on some of the best book summaries ever written. Ever.

Wendi, probably one of my favorite humor writers, wrote this A Manifesto Manifested in Reality that made me want to jump up and yell, “YES! I agree, I agree, I agree.”


So follow all of the links and read all of the bloggy posts and let me know some of your favorites of recent. Sure my Google Reader is kind of overwhelming these days, but I love it!

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