RemembeRED: Sand

Yesterday, it snowed.


So it didn’t stick – so what?

The fact is, I saw snow fall from the sky and it is the middle of May and on Friday I wore cute little capris and sandals to work.

I am ready for summer.

I am ready for sunshine.

I am ready to lie on the sand at Lake Tahoe with a book in my hand (or the Kindle? because there’s no glare? or something?)

I am ready to swim far away from the shore, until the people are miniscule, and I will float on my back and just stare at the clear blue sky.

I am ready for tank tops, sandals, capris because I hate my legs in shorts, and the smell of sunscreen because I burn so easily.

I am ready for swimming in the pool, watching my kiddo jump in bravely knowing that his life-jacket will keep him afloat.

I am ready to take the bike out of storage and go for rides around the neighborhood, resting at the park to play and eat sandwiches.

I am ready for garage sale season and seeking treasures in other people’s castaways, books for a dime, and maybe a bookcase waiting for me adopt and refinish it.

I am ready to go down to the Truckee River and waste an afternoon with my feet in the water, watching my kiddo feed the ducks.

I am ready for trips to the zoo, petting goats, watching peacocks roam free and staring at the camel – it’s always so much bigger than I imagined they’d be.

I am ready for long runs in the early evening, escaping the confines of the sweaty stale gym and just feeling free.

I am ready. I am ready. I am ready.

And I will not think about how our summer is always so much shorter than our winter, but at least it leads into fall which is really my favorite season of them all.

Enjoying the Truckee River last year.

This week’s RemembeRED prompt was to write about SAND.

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