Mother’s Day

In the last week or so there has been a lot of people telling me what moms “really” want for Mother’s Day. Lots of advertisements and spammy emails speculating on that “perfect” gift. Bloggers blatantly saying “this is what I want husband/child/significantpersonwhomightbuymeagift”.

I’m over it.


I don’t want flowers. I don’t want breakfast in bed. I don’t want jewelry or a maid or patio furniture or 50% off maternity wear.

You know what I want for Mother’s Day?


In all things.

I want patience with the kiddo. I want patience with all the people I perceive as ignorant on Facebook. I want patience while waiting out the time between rightthisverysecond and ohmygodIgotintolawschool. I want patience with my insane family that is planning a reunion for July and oh-my-god-if-I-get-one-more-email-about-which-family-is-wearing-which-color-I’m-getting-medieval-on-all-your-asses. I want patience with myself.

I also want courage.

Because I’m kind of a cowardly lion.

I want the courage to know that I am strong enough to do the single mother thing. I want the courage to say, “No, you cannot live here anymore. It’s awkward and weird and you have overstayed your non-welcome.” I want the courage the just send that stupid story to the stupid contest. I want the courage to register for the LSAT assoonasfreakingpossible so there are no excuses. I want the courage to prepare and send out applications to all the schools I’m considering. I want the courage to move away from where I know people, or where I’m comfortable, if that’s what it takes.

And I want a little bit of time.

It’s not like I’m asking for something that isn’t already there. Technically.

I want the time to take walks in the evening with the kiddo. I want the time to read every single night with him. I want the time to bake cookies and take photographs and make the scrapbook for his first year (even though he’s four) and play with Legos even though I really want to go to the gym instead. I want the time to sit down at home and write my stories/blog posts/random thoughts/memories. I want the time to read the books sitting on my shelf. I want the time to sit on the grass and stare at the clouds. I want time so I don’t have to choose between this and that – because this and that are very important to me.

Oh…and a full-ride scholarship to whichever law school I choose would be awesomethanks.

Happy Mother’s Day to ME.
And you. You know, if you’re a mom.
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