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I kind-of-sort-of started doing yoga to help with my back problems. Since I already paid to take a creative writing class this summer and I might start the kiddo in some gymnastics classes, I can’t afford to take a “real” yoga class. So I’m just doing it in my home, trying to remember the positions from when I took a semester of yoga five years ago in college.

It feels great. When I finish, I can stand up straight with barely any pain. In fact, the only back pain I’ve had lately is in the tush and hips, and it only really hurts when I’ve sat for more than half an hour (shitty deal, since my entire job is behind a desk).

The problem, is that I’ve only found the time to do this is after I get home from work.

Which means I feel my best after the day is pretty much over.

It would be so much more helpful if I could drag my lazy ass out of bed a little bit earlier and get the yoga/stretching done before I get ready for the day.

For two mornings now, that has been my plan. I set my alarm a little bit earlier and fall asleep thinking about how good I’ll feel after taking some time for myself before my shower.

And then I hit the damn ‘snooze’ until I barely have enough time to take a shower before running out the door.

It’s just ridiculous.

There are people who get up before 5am, and they seem to have so much time to get everything done. Even if it still feels like they are running around, that means they have three hoursmore than I do. Do you know what I could do if I could get myself out of bed by at least 5:30am?

  • Yoga/Stretching before shower
  • Eat breakfast
  • Take a shower more than 3 times a week (ew)
  • Feel awake long before the drive to work

These four seemingly small things would make a world of difference in my life.

When I wake up at 7, I am panicked. I am throwing clothes on, begging the kiddo to get up and get himself dressed, and I usually have to throw together a sandwich so I have something to gnaw on at lunchtime. If the kiddo is especially sleepy, I end up having to help him get dressed and I feel myself getting frustrated. By the time we are rushing out the door, I have already started my day in a bad mood.

It doesn’t last all day, every day. Sometimes I can coax the kid into having a conversation with me on the way to his school, and soon we are both smiling. This helps. But not always.

And then, sometimes, he will get upset that I am leaving him at school. This makes drop-off time last just a little bit longer, and I end up being 5 minutes (or so) late to work. Which is really crappy, since I’m supposed to be the only person guaranteed to open the office by 8am to turn the phones onto the day-answer setting. I get more frustrated. Even though nobody has said anything yet, I still worry that this will effect how I am seen in the workplace.

So, really, by not being able to drag myself out of bed at a decent time, I am ruining my entire day. The blame is all on me. I accept that.

But that also means that it should all be on me to turn it all around.

I am making the commitment today to start waking up earlier. I’m not shooting for 5am just yet, because I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

My commitment is to wake up at 6:30 starting tomorrow morning. I still won’t have time for yoga, but I will have time to take a shower and wake up the kiddo properly. I won’t have to shake him awake, throwing clothes at him and saying, “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry but please get dressed like a big boy so we can get going okay? I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

So there it is. That’s my commitment. If I can do that for a few days in a row, then I’ll try waking up just a little bit earlier. Maybe I’ll go up by 15-minute intervals or something.

We’ll see what happens.

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