Make-up Free

I didn’t really plan it this way.

It started when I snoozed through my alarm one too many times and was in a hurry. I showered as quickly as possible, took an extra five minutes just to blow dry and style my bangs, threw my makeup into my purse and ran off to work.

I fully intended to put my makeup on once I got to work. Because the only reason I have to be here by 8 is to turn the phones onto day-answer. If the boss happens to call then, and it’s still on night-answer, he assumes our phones are broken and kind of goes a little crazy. So, even though he only calls that early every once in a while, I like to try and avoid the whole situation. Plus, I just have to get here, turn on the phones, and then I can take some time to throw on a little foundation, eyeshadow and mascara.

The view in my purse.

That’s my beauty routine. For a long time, it was just mascara. And, for the most part, I still feel that’s all I really “need.” It brightens my eyes a little bit, and everything else is fine. The foundation and eyeshadow are just my “bonuses.” I like being low maintenance. (In fact, throughout high school I was the ultimate in low maintenance. No makeup. At all. I got enough of it doing community theater.)

But then, as I was driving to work, I happened to glance in the rear-view mirror (to make sure that guy behind me was planning on stopping at the same red light I was sitting at).

And I was kind of surprised to see myself staring back at me. And I had a little bit of a smile on my face.

I also couldn’t find one thing to complain about what I was seeing in the mirror.

I look fairly cute today.

And? I decided to go without the makeup. Even the mascara. Today I am releasing myself from the thoughts that I “need” any makeup whatsoever.

Because I don’t.

And neither do you.

We don’t “need” the makeup. We are completely beautiful, just the way we are. Every single one of us.

Now, I am still going to be open and admit that this is not going to change my makeup routine.

Because I still like wearing it. It’s like wearing a cute pair of earrings. It’s a fun little accessory to my look. It’s fun to wear bright colors on my eyelids. I like playing with color combinations too.

But today is all about accepting that if I’m not wearing makeup, that doesn’t effect the way that I feel about my looks.

I suggest you try it. Give yourself a day (and not just a day you’re sitting around the house all day) without makeup.

And since I have a job where it’s possible I’ll only see one co-worker all day and maybe the mailman, I am going to share what I look like with you.

This is me (I even took off my glasses so you could see my eyes!).

Makeup FREE

I thought it would feel a lot more different, more freeing. But the truth is (and I’m all about the truth here) I don’t even notice it. I’m not as hyper-aware of my looks as I thought I was. I’m makeup free, have no-fuss hair, and am wearing just comfortable jeans with a boring black polo (with company logo over my right breast).

I wear makeup because I want to. I wear it, not because I think it makes me look “better”, but because it’s fun and colorful. I wear it as an accessory, not a necessity. And I’m proud of that fact.

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