I was a #SeniorHottie….(but not really)

Okay, so a bunch of bloggers (started by a belle, a bean & a chicago dog)have been linking up to this latest blogger-meme:

So now I totally have to show my own Senior Hottie-ness to the worldwide internets! Especially since this year marks ten years since graduating. Timing!

Ah, the Senior Ball. What girl doesn’t dream of attending on the arm of an older man (22) who spent the entire time bragging about how this was his seventh prom?

It wasn’t long after that I realize he personified the term “douche.”

He wasn’t a boyfriend, he was a friend of a friend that I had a major crush on. I was so excited when he said he’d go to Senior Ball with me. And afterwards he moved away and I never heard from him again.

Look! I’m a graduate!

I would like you to please note the color of the hair. You can’t really tell, but it is orange.

See, every year the graduating class gets to vote on the color of their robes. Well, the girls do. Boys always wear black, and the girls get to vote between white or orange. Because orange is our school color.

Well my idiotic class decided to vote for white, which I thought was awful. So, I dyed my hair orange to compensate for our totally boring robes.

I really wish it had turned out brighter.

I don’t have a copy of my yearbook photo to post yet. But I may post it later. Because I was the genius girl who decided to cut her own bangs the night before senior photos. They look awful. I wanted to do a retake, but my mom and I both acted slacker and totally forgot to do it before the deadline. So the yearbook committee chose the “best” out of what I had. I’m pretty sure I cried when I saw the picture.

In case you were curious. I wasn’t voted most likely for anything. I was pretty invisible (boo-hoo me, right? don’t feel sorry for me; I did it to myself). I was a B-average student with a close knit group of friends who didn’t join any clubs or play any sports.

Although I think it was Sophomore or Junior year that people did kind of know me.

I was that girl with the bright-ass pink hair:

Aren’t my sisters adorable?
I don’t know why we decided to do this photo.
We apparently weren’t concerned about having our brothers join us.

Link up your posts that showcase your hottie photos from your Senior year of high school!

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