Creative Writing Assignment: Ennaxor

I know, I know. This is the assignment for last Wednesday’s creative writing class. But I’m finally getting around to posting it here, for your amusement. At least I assume you’ll be amused. Yuliya kept laughing as I read it aloud. I’m taking that as a good thing. Feel free to let me know what you think.

The assignment was to create a character from your name spelled backwards (Roxanne = Ennaxor) and then the class came up with where the character was from (ethnicity & time period). The class told me Ennaxor is a Klingon, but they left out what time period.

And, yes, I know there’s a slight problem with when certain events actually happened, but I’m claiming creative license with this one.


DING. The host struck a miniature hammer on the bell. He watched, proudly, as twenty men stood from their chairs and moved one chair to their left.

The petite brunette took a sip of white wine and watched the tall, tanned gentleman take the seat in front of her, setting his glass of dark beer near the center of the small table. She could hear a small giggle coming from the redhead at the table he’d just left. But his strong handshake and straight back gave him a look of confidence, and she found herself adjusting her own posture. She was careful not to stare at his heavy eyebrows, which had been filled in so they appeared to stretch out towards his temple.

“Hi. I’m Leigha. Thirty-two years old. I run my own accounting firm downtown. I run several marathons a year, including many for charity, and I love to read biographies.”

His harsh stare made her more nervous than she’d been when she’s first signed up for this, on a whim, and at the suggestion of her assistant, who had met her husband at this sort of thing.

“I am Ennaxor. I am thirty-three, and I serve as a lieutenant for the Klingon Defence Force. I am the only of my father’s sons, so I am looking for a mate to help me perpetuate the family bloodline.”

She stared at him for a moment. His strong posture, even while sitting in a notoriously uncomfortable metal chair, never wavered. His dark eyes were focused on her face, which made her uncomfortable for the moment of silence after he stopped speaking. She wasn’t sure what to say. So she took another sip of wine.

He watched her, waiting for a response.

“Um…Ennaxor, is it?” He nodded, “What branch of the military did you say you were with?”

“The Klingon Defence Force. I’m a second lieutenant, but I will most likely be promoted to first lieutenant within the next two years.”

She could hear the giggling from the next table again. She could feel the redhead’s eyes keeping watch over Ennaxor and Leigha’s table. She could hear her whispering to the blond young man sharing her table.

Leigha studied his face. Her uncle had recently become a fan of a television show that had been cancelled only a few years earlier. She’d been to dinner at his house the other day and he was excitedly talking about how it was back on the air in syndication.

Dinner that night had been all about the show. Her uncle had talked almost non-stop about a character named Spock, something called the Enterprise, traveling in space, the Federation, and the Klingon Empire. He’d made Leigha and her sister promise they’d come and watch Star Trek with him next week.

And now she was sitting in front of a Klingon.

“I understand that our coupling will result in mix-race children, but it is a good bloodline. You will see how lucky you are to be able to join such a prestigious line.”

She watched him take another gulp from his mug of beer, saw he was not even aware of the reason for her hesitation, or the fact that the redhead was still whispering and casting glances at him. The redhead’s companion was now laughing and staring at him too.

“Ennaxor,” she paused to choose her words as carefully as possible, “I’m not sure that we would be a good match. You see, in order to perpetuate your father’s bloodline, I’m sure it would be best for you to find a Klingon companion.” She leaned in closer to him, so the redhead couldn’t keep eavesdropping on their every word, “And I don’t think you’re going to find any other Klingons in New Jersey.”

His stoic face didn’t move. Leigha sat back in her chair, wondering what his next move was going to be. She glanced to her left and saw she only had two more dates until the night was over. Which meant Ennaxor only had two more dates. She wondered what the other women had said to him tonight. How many of them even got the reference?

Suddenly, Ennaxor leaned towards her, his back still straight but his tone suddenly conspiratorially.

“I understand what you are saying, Leigha. But I have been working very hard to get where I am with the Defence Force. I have not had time to find a worthy companion, Klingon or otherwise. I would like to get my home in order before I am promoted. I am running out of time. Do not disregard me simply because I am Klingon and you are not. I think we would make fine mates.”

Leigha wanted to say more. She wanted to know more. How had he gotten to this point in his life? How could he possibly have come to believe that he was a member of this race of people that hadn’t even existed in fiction until just a few years earlier. She was searching for something else to say, the right questions to start asking, when suddenly:


Ennaxor sighed heavily and stood from the metal chair. He looked into her eyes, and she searched his face for something. He shook her hand, a little softer than the first time, and moved one chair to his left.

Leigha watched him, and then quickly scribbled his name on the card in front of her. Worthy mate or not, she was going to find out more.


The class really seemed to want me to continue the story with assignment #2 (due tomorrow) but I’m having a hard time figuring out what happens next. As always, I’ll wait until the last minute (tomorrow afternoon, most likely) to write the assignment, so I guess we’ll see what I come up with.

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