Chiropractors scare the hell out of me.

I am having terrible back pain.

It’s been around for about three days. This time.

Although I’m thinking this might be the worst I’ve had since a few months after the kiddo came from the hospital.

See, I was lugging him around in his carseat everywhere and all the time. I always had him in the carseat, a diaper bag over one shoulder, and the heartrate monitor over the other.

Did I mention we lived in a second floor apartment?

I messed up my back something awful. Probably because I didn’t always use proper lifting techniques or something.

I was crooked for days. Possibly weeks. It’s hard to remember.

My sister was in massage therapy school at the time and came for a visit.

She massaged the back for a while, but everyone knew I should have gone to a chiropractor.

Which I never did. I let it work itself back out.

Because chiropractors terrify me.

And my uncle is one.

I went with a friend in high school to her chiropractor appointment. I watched him twist her up and all I could picture was a character in an action movie, wrapping his arms around the head and – SNAP – you dead (Those scenes in movies make me cringe more than anything in any of the Saw movies).

Mystique kills a guard in X-Men: The Last Stand. *Shudder*
Photo from here.

I know the education and experience that comes from being a chiropractor, but they still just remind me of people who snap necks and kill people.

It’s an irrational fear I suppose. But it’s there.

But every single time my back starts acting up again, everyone starts suggesting chiropractors.

They tell me about how wonderful they felt afterwards.

This time the pain has lasted three days. So far. It hasn’t lasted this long since it first started four-and-change months ago. I’m starting to think that maybe it’s about time I do something about it.

My boss gave me the name of the guy he’s been seeing for 25 years.

Will I make an appointment?

I’m really not sure. I have a dermatology appointment in two weeks and I’m getting the wisdom teeth pulled at some point this month. And all of these appointments are costing me money. Money I don’t even have. And I’m really sick of my money troubles getting in the way of taking care of myself.

In related news, next week will mark my one year anniversary with the company I work for. I’m thinking a request for a raise is in order.

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