30/100 Things That Make Me Happy

One of my Day Zero Project goals was to identify 100 things that make me happy. So, I took a little bit of time last night and came up with the first 30. This is even harder than coming up with 101 things I’ve accomplished so far (which, yes I know, is also an unfinished list). So…here are the first 30 of 100 things that make me happy:
(in no particular order)
1. My little monster, T. Most of the time. You know, except when he’s being a brat.
2. Reading a good book. Either something I’ve never read before, or a favorite classic.
3. Watching movies. Despicable Me comes to mind as a favorite when I’m having “a bad, bad day”. Probably because T is watching it right now.
4. Taking a walk in the spring or early autumn. Especially if T is holding my hand.
5. Curling up on the couch with a mimosa, a book, and silence.
6. Going out dancing with friends. Or with T in the living room. I love dancing when I can imagine nobody is watching me.
7. Long conversations, whether typed or spoken, with good friends.
8. Writing. Writing stories, journaling about my life, or making fun little lists. I love putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.
9. Eating ice cream, popsicles, or frozen yogurt.
10. Going swimming. Pool, lake or ocean. Being in the water makes me happy.
11. Eating bacon. I could never be a vegetarian because I love bacon so much. Any other meat (even other forms of pork), I could do without. But I love bacon.
12. Working out. Not the working out itself, but that feeling I get after I go to the gym or go for a run. That feeling makes me happy.
13. Finding fun things at garage sales. Like my weird barrel chair. Or my typewriter (which I still haven‘t gotten fixed because I‘m a procrastinator.
14. Taking pictures.
15. Editing.
16. Having a clean house. Sometimes getting there can be annoying, but I’m looking around my house right now and I feel very proud of the work that I’ve done in the last couple of days.
17. Having friends who will take care of T when I’m lying on the couch violently ill with an extreme pain in my back. Or a friend. You know what? Jamie makes me happy. I’m just going to say it. I love that girl…woman.
18. Reminiscing with friends or family.
19. Fixing something myself. That feeling makes me so happy.
20. Visiting Lake Tahoe.
21. Buying new clothes. This usually means I am doing something for me, to feel better about myself, which is a pretty good reason to feel happy.
22. PAY DAY. Even if there’s never enough money, at least I know I have a steady (and fairly reliable) source of income.
23. Pretty much all of the blogs I follow make me smile. For different reasons.
24. Painting. As in, the walls of a house. Sometimes it can get frustrating, or tiring, but I still enjoy it so much.
25. Speaking up for myself; standing up for what I believe in. I don’t do either often enough. But I am working on it.
26. Singing. Loudly. In the shower.
27. Watching the sun rise. Or set.
28. Getting photos printed and putting them in albums. And then looking through the albums later. No T, that little baby isn’t you. That’s me when I was a baby.
29. Rearranging the furniture in my house. Seriously.
30. Painting my nails any light/bright color.
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