If the average lifespan was 40 years, a lot of people I know and love would already be dead. How’s that for a positive Friday thought?

Day Zero Project Item #23:
50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind 

Every Friday (you know, if I remember), I’ll post my answer to one of the 50 questions.

Ok, so this is obviously older than I’d look at 40. But it was fun.
You can try it too on this website.

8. If the average human lifespan was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?

Well now that would have changed everything the past, not just what’s to happen in the future. Sure, this question means that I only have 13-ish years left (assuming I live until 40 and don’t die sooner) but it also means that the entire life I’ve lived so far would be drastically different. When the average lifespan was lower, everyone’s lives were much different. I would have probably been married at 14 or something and popped out a baby right away. I would have been more likely to have just been a housewife (or SAHM, or your preferred wording) and not graduated high school. Or gone to college. When I think about the lifespan being lessened, then my mind automatically thinks things would go back to how they were long ago. Plus, when I was 14 I really wanted to be a mom and wife.


If researchers suddenly came out and said people born in the 80s and later were averaging a lifespan of only 40 years, but nothing in the past had changed, then I’d be more likely to job hunt with a little bit more vigor. I’d look into what it would take for me to actually be an editor or work for a publishing company. Would I really have to move to New York to accomplish this? Then I’d have to start figuring out how I would make that move work.

Or maybe I’d just say fuck it all and buy that ticket to Europe and live over there with my cousin, like we were talking about the other day (she’s studying abroad at Oxford, spring break in Spain, and thinking about staying). Yeah. I’d take the kiddo with me. I’d tell his dad to just go with the music career and I’ll ship the kiddo back to him every couple of months or something. We’d figure it out.

So why won’t I do this? Because I think I’ll live to be past 90, like my Nana?

No. So answering this question doesn’t really work. I don’t live as if I’ll die tomorrow, or in 13 years, or with any sort of deadline of life in mind. I never have. And maybe I never will. I’ll just keep taking my time and maybe eventually end up somewhere not so depressing and monotonous.


Now quit depressing me.

In other news, I’m working on a playlist of memories. I was very disappointed in the post I wrote for The Red Dress Club’s RemembeRED memoir prompt, so now I’m working on what I should have written for it.

You’ll like it.


I know I’m finding some fun in it.

I really do hope to have it done by this weekend, but who really knows. I’ve actually had some stuff to do at work, so it’s not like I’m spending a lot of my office time working on my blog like I was for a while there.

Oh yeah.

My office mate is quitting. Her last day is next Wednesday. They aren’t hiring a replacement. No, instead, they are giving me her work duties.

That means that although I am still called Administrative Assistant, and am still paid X number of jobs to be an Administrative Assistant, this will be the third set of job duties I have “acquired.”

When our office manager had a stroke, I took over her duties without being asked. And now I’m getting the training coordinator duties as well.

So I’m the AdministrativeAssistantOfficeManagerTrainingCoordinator hybrid.

With the same paycheck.


At least I’ll have more stuff to keep me busy during the weekday.

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