Cutting hairs and enjoying the sunshine

I cut some of my hairs this weekend. I started off looking like this:

Ok, so it doesn’t even usually look like this. I just let it air dry before the getting it cut.
I’m always surprised by the waviness of my hair.

And now it looks like this:

Isn’t it weird when the person doesn’t smile in the Before picture, but does in the After?
I mean, you always look better with a smile, right?

I only kind of like it. I want the front to grow out a little bit more, so she didn’t really take much from the front (except now I have bangs…again). The back is super short. But I didn’t take a Before of the back, so you don’t get an After either. So there.

Oh, and tonight I’m going to go darker.

So that’s what I did this weekend. Besides lots of laundry, cleaning of the kitchen AND living room, grocery shopping and PLAYING IN THE SUNSHINE. I’m always so disappointed when the weather is nice while I’m at work and then we have crappy weekends. But this weekend? Sunshine! So the kiddo and I got to play outside. It was wonderful.

The best photo I have of his haircut. So impressed at the woman’s ability
to do a decent haircut when he kept trying to get up and run away.
Tipped her extra generously for that.
He wouldn’t pose for a picture with me. So I did a sneak attack.
I failed to get more than his ear in the photo.
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