All You Never Cared To Know About Asbestos…

…is what I’m learning today. So there will be no time for a fully awesome blog post (just this tiny, pointless one hastily written during the lunch break where I actually have to work while everyone else eats lunch and then I will scarf down some food once the class resumes).

Things on my mind

1. Family reunion in June. Just requested 6 days of vacation time to have lots of time to spend with my family that I hardly get to see. Most of the ones living in Minnesota I haven’t seen since Papap (paternal grandfather) passed away in 1999.

2. Planning a small vacation in July to visit my cousin in L.A. for her birthday. And for a kiddo-free vacation.

3. Last night when I was getting ready for bed, the kiddo started talking in his sleep. He said “It’s right over there…it’s right over there…” and mumbled something incoherent. I just stared at him, wishing I could see into his dreams. I asked him this morning what he dreamed about, and he said he didn’t have any dreams. I hope he’s not like me with the whole rarely-actually-remembering-a-dream syndrome.

4. Instead of the whole paralegal thing, I’m thinking about full-blown law school. Which means I wouldn’t start school this fall. And, you know, I have to study for the LSAT and get a really good score. And get accepted into law school. Looking at University of Washington School of Law, but that’s just a start. No law school here in Reno, so it would require a move. Which is scary. And the kiddo’s dad is here. Which is complicated. So there’s lots to think about. Just warning you, I may take to this blog to iron out my thoughts about this decision (Because it’s a really big one. It’s not just going back to school. It’s going to law school and moving out of my comfort zone.)

5. And now, I must return to my totally fascinating class about Asbestos for the job that I really don’t want to be at much longer. So, here’s a picture.

During a trip to the park this weekend, the kiddo said this cloud looks like a rocket ship.

Peace out!

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