Weekend Update: Dragons, Dinos & the Arboretum

I took the kiddo to the Wilbur D. May Center on Saturday to see the Dragons & Dinos exhibit.

The kiddo started off being really creeped out by the exhibits. Mostly because they were moving. Like this sea serpent was totally consuming a ship.

I thought it was pretty awesome.

So the kiddo stayed back.

The view is just fine from here, thanks.

But then he started to get more comfortable when I explained that the dragons and dinosaurs are not moving because they are real and might eat his face off, but that they were like giant toys. Like the Michael Meyers thing at the Spirit Halloween store (which he loves). So he allowed himself to get a little bit closer.

He looks like he’s contemplating the exhibit. He purposely posed like this.
Reach out and touch someone…

So we’re checking out the exhibits when we see some really cool dragon paintings.

Totally cool, until I realize that all of these dragons are like OHMYGODLOOKATTHISBALL!!!

And then I notice one where both of the dragons are ridiculously excited about this BALL. I giggled. And took pictures. But the kiddo didn’t seem all that interested.

He just wanted to pose with his face in a hole. Too bad the knight was too high up for him to reach.

Adorable face.

After the exhibit, we went and checked out the rest of the museum – which has all kinds of stuff from around the world that this Wilbur D. May found. Or something. I didn’t really pay that much attention. I was too enamored by the totally real shrunken head. Totally creepy. But totally awesome.

His eyes are closed. But still I felt like he was watching me…
He seemed pretty fascinated by the tiger.

The kiddo just wanted to sit alone in the theater watching a film about Wilbur D. May.

Then I gave him a penny and he made a wish in the fountain. What did he wish for? He wished we could “be together.” Which is alternately sweet and kind of strange.

Make a wish!

After touring the museum some more, we decided to check out the arboretum.

Usually it’s just so pretty…

Except that everything is dead this time of year so it wasn’t super totally awesome.

“Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.”

But we had fun anyway.

This is his Wall-E impression.
Collecting “baby” pine cones.
Headed home.

Saturday was a good day.

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