Sick. Again? Blarg.

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I have never been this sick, this often, in my life. Despite my unhealthy lifestyle, I pretty much only got sick once a year. And it was rarely so bad to make me miss work. Since starting at my current company last May, I have been sick enough to miss work twice and am now sick for a third time. I’m hoping this is just a cold that will go away in a few days with enough echinacea and decongestants. And lots of oranges. As much as I’m not enjoying my job, everything seems to fall apart if I’m gone for only a few hours. I don’t want to miss any more work.

I don’t understand the dramatic change over the last almost-a-year. I have actually made a lot of healthy changes in my life. I am eating better, exercising on a fairly regular basis, and even keeping the house cleaner. The kiddo is in day care, but he has been for a few years now. And he doesn’t get sick as often as me.

I suppose I’ll just chalk it up to the stress. People stress themselves sick all the time, right? I thought I was even more stressed back when I worked for the devil, but maybe it’s more since not only do I hate my job, but I’m living with the ex-husband still. And even though my financial situation could be better, it’s not because I loaned him money after his wallet was stolen and he lost an entire paycheck. Maybe that could be tied to it?

Whatever it is, I hope it changes soon. I absolutely hate being sick. Being sick is just an inconvenience.

Also, new book review will be up tomorrow. And an interview with the author. At leas, they’ll be up as long as I can get myself out of bed tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

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