Post-Its Update: Wiping the slate clean…almost

Really just feeling further and further away.

I ignored my second draft for a long time. Like three weeks or so. I barely even thought about it. I was stuck and just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. All of the fun I usually feel in writing was gone. There was too much of a focus on how to make it publish-able. How to make it different than any other love story on the shelves these days.

I felt depressed when thinking about the story, about the characters I came to love so much. And my personal life was getting depressing, so instead of compound that depression I just chose to ignore the part of it that I could. I ignored Post-its consciously. It was what I had to do.

Then it came up in discussion with a friend. I was in a slump and needed to brainstorm. This friend is actually quite brilliant, and ended up giving me some really great ideas for the story. As in, she handed me the good ideas. She didn’t help me come up with them. They were her ideas. And I was immediately grateful for them.

So I’m starting to work on Post-its again. It could be considered a third draft, even though the second draft was never finished (it’s still only like seven chapters long) and it’s kind of turning into a completely different story. The basic characters are the same. And there’s something to do with Post-its. But it’s really a new project.

The first chapter alone has already taken hours of my life. But I’m determined to take this version slow. There are no deadlines, so why rush it?

I still have both of the two original drafts saved in Google Docs. Plus the first version written during NaNoWriMo has a permanent place in my purse in printed form. I have them for reference, since there are still a few scenes here and there that I’d like to retain in one form or another. But the story as I knew it is gone and something new is emerging. Should be interesting to see what it becomes…

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