The one where I melt a plate and then save a friend…

So, last night I had a very un-domestic experience. If you know me, you know I don’t cook. I hate it. When I have to make dinner, I boil pasta and heat up some sauce. The kiddo and I eat a lot of pasta.

But sometimes I get this urge…this domestic urge.

It’s weird, I know.

So that happened last night. And the recipe called for bacon. Which I was told you can make in the microwave. So I tried it.

Do you see that? It melted THROUGH THE PLATE.

I’m never making bacon in the microwave again.

But then I had another chance to be all domesticated. The kiddo’s best friend, Buddy, had a hole. We had intended to get him fixed by my mom during our visit last weekend, but I kind of forgot. So I pulled out a needle and thread (I don’t even know why I have any…) and stitched the little hole up. The kiddo was a little worried at first that Buddy would be hurt, but I told him I would be as gentle as possible.


And it turned out pretty good. I mean, the stitches aren’t anywhere close to perfect. And my blue thread doesn’t match the dirty faded blue of the dog. But it’s good enough. It’ll hold, at least for a while. I think I did a pretty good job.

Inspecting my fine sewing.

And I think the kiddo agrees.

All together now: Awwww…
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