"I’ve only been here for 27 years, but already my life is over…"

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Day Zero Project 
Item #23:
50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind 

Every Friday (you know, if I remember), I’ll post my answer to one of the 50 questions.

4. When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

Probably. I talk a whole hell of a lot and totally lack on the “getting things done” part. I have lots of ideas on how to improve this-or-that in my life, but am pretty much failing on the follow through.

I suppose if I am lucky enough to live for another 60 or so years (figure I’ve got at least 63 left if I get to follow the footsteps of my Nana, who turns 90 this year), then maybe that will give me enough time to do what it is I’ve been talking about.

You know, publish book. Dream job (whatever that may be). Travel. Live.

But what I’ve been doing, is that really not living? I have been punishing myself and being so hard on myself for so long about all the things that I haven’t done in this life. What about those things that I have done, have accomplished? Why do I put those things on the back burner and never really celebrate them?

Later today I’m going to post the first half of the 101 Accomplishments of my life so far. It’s another thing on my Day Zero list, and I find myself really enjoying creating the list.

I mean, yeah, there’s a lot in my life that I haven’t done. But then again, it’s only been 27 years. Do you want to know what I have accomplished in 27 years that I am proud of? Because my life isn’t over. It isn’t all said and done. Sure, I could leave work, get hit by a bus and die tonight. It could happen. But if I were to die tonight, would I really regret all the things I haven’t done?

No. Because I would be dead.

And those left to remember me would remember all the things I did in my life. Not the things I didn’t.

The legacy we leave is all about what we did, not what we said we’d do or what we didn’t quite get to.

So, instead of answering the original question, what are you leaving behind if you were to die tonight? What have you done that people will remember you by?

Come back a little later and I’ll have some of my accomplishments listed.

**Post title is from “Unwind” by P!nk. I don’t particularly agree that I feel my life is over at 27, but I certainly do need to unwind.**

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