The dentist appointment…

The kiddo had a dentist appointment today. It’s the first time I’ve been the parent to take him since the very first one when he was a year old.

I didn’t even know this, but we have a pretty awesome dentist. Well, his hygienist was pretty amazing. She was super nice, very kid friendly (which you don’t always find, even with pediatricians!) and quickly became the kiddo’s new best friend.

Until she wanted to take pictures of his teeth. That was a big NO. We even tried to sit him on my lap, but he wouldn’t put the vest on. So, no x-rays.

He has never had x-rays of hit teeth. It’s just never happened. It has to happen by the next appointment. Two summers ago, he smashed his face on a step in the pool and bruised his tooth. It’s still discolored, but not causing any other problems. However, the dentist really wants x-rays to make sure there was no damage to the adult tooth hiding beneath the gums. So, in September, he has to do x-rays. Or the world will end?

So we were given “suggestions” on how to practice at home. To get him used to the idea for next time. The hygienist suggested we take pictures of his teeth with a regular camera, while he bites down on popsicle sticks.

I thought about taking it a step further. Taping toilet paper tubes onto the end of the camera so it looks like the x-ray machine at the dentist’s office. Good idea? I don’t know. I gotta figure something out.

But other than refusing to let them take pictures, the appointment went well. He sat still so she could “sparkle” his teeth (something I hated as a kid) and although he wouldn’t let her brush the fluoride treatment onto his teeth, he did let me do it.Which means it got done – yay!

He wasn’t too happy about the dentist coming in and sticking his hands in his mouth, but once he realized the guy was just looking at his teeth and not doing anything scary, he was fine.

I was quite proud of myself when they told me how healthy his teeth look. I’ve been doing a great job brushing! Which means I’ve been successful at something – healthier teeth for my kiddo than I had when I was a kiddo. Yay me!

So he got a balloon, a Lightning McQueen toothbrush, and a bunch of Toy Story flossers (love those things! they make flossing SO easy.). All in all, it was a good day. I wanted to take him to lunch for a celebration, but I just couldn’t afford it. The boss forgot to get our paychecks done on time so the direct deposits won’t go through until tomorrow…maybe Monday.

I’m hoping for tomorrow.

Oh, and by the way. That non-fluoride toothpaste made for toddlers? Apparently you are only supposed to use it until all their teeth come in. So I’ve been using the wrong toothpaste. The kiddo seems a little excited that he gets to start using the same toothpaste as me and he gets to spit in the sink. The things that make kids happy, right?

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