Being Honest

I have to admit it: being completely honest with the kiddo is getting to be rather difficult.

I love the discussions we have, and I love how smart he is that we can sometimes have fairly intellectual conversations.


A while ago I explained death to him. And in more detail than the previous conversation I wrote about. People? The kiddo started bawling that, one day, I would not be with him. I felt really bad about it. So I explained to him a few of the beliefs people have about what happens to you after death – including reincarnation (which stems from my own beliefs). That was the one he kind of grabbed a hold of and started talking about. A lot.

We’d be just driving home from his school and suddenly, “Mama, first you are a baby and then you get really old and you die. But then you’re a baby again.” He wasn’t asking questions, just stating this as if it were a fact. And that was okay because then we would talk some more about how nobody really knows what happens after you die and that it just one belief.

Now? He brings up death constantly. And you know what? It’s getting kind of annoying. I try not to show my frustration, but he talks about it so much that I worry maybe he’s “too young” for this kind of conversation. I’m not sure what to do, but sometimes I just want to scream STOP TALKING ABOUT DEATH ALL THE TIME. But I’d feel bad about it, because it’s all my fault for being honest with him in the first place.

I don’t want to stop the honesty. But I have created some kind of monster. And sometimes I worry that he is going to grow into some emo teen who is obsessed with death or whatever. And while I will love him no matter what, emo kids are really freaking annoying.


In other news? The kiddo has determined that, after college, he is going to have a little baby girl. Her name will be Sally (from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the little girl from The Cat in the Hat).

And he said last night, “And when the baby is in my belly I will get fat. Just like when I was in your belly.”

So I had to explain that only girls can carry babies in their bellies. I think he was a little disappointed.

Although who knows what will happen by the time he’s more grown?

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