56/101 Accomplishments

Oh yeah. He’s totally Number One!
Day Zero Project 
Item #17:
Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved in this lifetime.
1. Made an awesome kiddo.
2. Let myself fall in love. A few times. But it was fun.
3. Graduated high school. Although where I come from, that’s not all that impressive.
4. Graduated college in 3.5 years.
5. Received the Editor’s Award for work on the SNC Review.
6. Was a candidate for valedictorian. Who cares if I didn’t have to stand up and make some awkward speech?
7. Escaped from Pirk Management – AKA the job from hell
8. Got a degree in something I love.
9. Moved out of my parent’s house.
10. Went on a cross-country road trip (summer of ‘02 with Susannah. Bakersfield, CA to Miami, FL and back)
11. Went to Washington D.C. (Close Up trip Senior year)
12. Survived Y2K. Because, you know, I was worried about that one.
13. Watched every episode, in order, of Sex & the City (what? Being pregnant & unemployed gets boring!)
14. Read so-called intellectual literature to a fetus.
15. Went to Disney World.
16. Watched a shuttle launch.
17. Bought a vacuum! (yes, for me this was very exciting)
18. Lost the baby weight (too bad I’ve gained so much of it back)
19. Cut all my hair off (bad decision, but you know…)
20. Grow hair out, cut it off and donate it to Locks of Love.
21. Lived in Lake Tahoe.
22. Take a ballroom dancing class (although it was so long ago I don’t really remember much…)
23. Participated in (and WON) NaNoWriMo.
24. Learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.
25. Sold the most Girl Scout cookies in my area! (I got a sleeping bag as a prize…)
26. Went to sleep-away camp.
27. Went to day camp.
28. Earned my Silver Award in Girl Scouts (then thought it was too lame to get the Gold Award)
29. Got a tattoo.
30. Got my tongue pierced.
31. Got my driver’s license.
32. Lived in Oregonfor a year.
33. Watch someone give birth (and I was only 13 years old at the time…)
34. Go skiing.
35. Go water-skiing.
36. Act in a play. On stage. Like, in front of people and stuff.
37. Go to acting school. In San Francisco.
38. Be home schooled for a year.
39. Plan and execute a birthday party with a zillion toddlers and their parents.
40. Make a Build-a-Bear bear. (I want to do this with the kiddo one of these days)
41. Take a photo-developing class.
42. Learn CPR.
43. Dyed my hair bright freaking pink.
44. Learned how to swim.
45. Celebrate 27 birthdays in a row. Pretty impressive, right?
46. Celebrate my 30th birthday on my 25th. Because of rounding and stuff.
47. Give the whole stay-at-home-mom thing a try. For a year and a half. Don’t go completely crazy.
48. Take a sewing class. Make a pillow. Never touch a sewing machine again.
49. Take modeling classes. Pose as a model in a local advertisement. Get made fun of. Hate models forever.
50. Participate in a research study. It was for Acceptance-Commitment Therapy. So, you know, I didn’t get to develop any mind-reading abilities or anything. (see: Firestarter)
51. Start a blog. Because it kind of sounds like fun.
52. Get featured in the Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges & Universities. (shut up; I didn’t buy the book. Which means I didn’t fall for any scam. It was just for a laugh.)
53. Change the heater core in my car. All by myself. With, you know, some direction from my dad.
54. Learn to recite all of the United States, in alphabetical order (can’t do it anymore. I get all screwed up in the M’s)
55. Learn to sing the ABC’s, backwards.
56. Take a yoga class.
Coming up with that first 56 was difficult. But so much fun. Will update you later when I finish up the list.
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