Weekend Update

I left town this weekend to visit my mom in the Bay Area. I was scheduled to go last weekend, but the snow was so crazy that I didn’t want to drive over the mountain. It snowed again this Friday, but despite 80 being closed due to snow & spin outs, I went anyway. I drove all the way to Carson and went the looooong way to Sacramento, then hopped on the 80 towards the Bay.

It was CAH-RAZY. The falling snow meant that we were traveling at a top speed of 20 miles per hour. It took us 6 hours to get to Davis and by that time, I was just exhausted. I can’t remember the last time I felt so tired. I’d only had 4 hours of sleep the previous night, and the stress of driving in the snow with psychotic drivers just got to me. As soon as I found my eyes threatening to close, I pulled over at a Motel 6 and got the kiddo and I a room.

Let me just say, I am so proud of the way the kiddo handled this insane adventure. He kept himself occupied with drawing, his iPod touch, and just gazing out the window at the snow. I’m surprised he didn’t fall asleep except the first hour of the drive (just to Carson City), but he was very well-behaved. Which I know is hard for him on long car trips. He bores easily (come on, he’s four!).

So, at the Motel 6, I told the lady that I just needed a bed for a few hours. She had to charge me full price for one adult. I told her I understood. But as I filled out the registration form, I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I was so exhausted and stressed out that my hands were shaking. It was insane. I just wanted to pass out.

She must have noticed, because she ended up giving me a ten percent discount. Maybe it was the cuteness of the kid. Whatever it was, I must have thanked her a million times. We went to the room and we were both asleep in mere minutes.

Even though I set the alarm for 5am (I was desperate to just get to my mom’s, and Davis is only an hour & a half away), I ended up snoozing until 7. But when I got up, I felt amazing. I felt as if I’d had a full night’s sleep. We left in a hurry and continued our trip in the bright morning sun. In an hour & a half, we were at my mom’s.

We hadn’t seen mom since October, for the kiddo’s birthday. The plan had been to celebrate a semi-late holiday in January but I never made it (ok, ok, I totally forgot and before I knew it, the month was over). So we had a little mini-Christmas present exchange. The kiddo got this awesome cookie baking set for his kitchen (love Melissa & Doug products!) and several other various toys. Mom works at a teacher supply store, so she pretty much collects things for him throughout the year. I got my own baking sheets & some dry cookie dough, because when mom visited for the kiddo’s birthday she was shocked that I had one small baking sheet. Oh, and I got some towels. Very domestic presents, and I love them anyway.

The visit was short, since we only ever have weekends to get together. But it’s always wonderful to see my mom play with her grandson. He’s the only one (so far?), and he is the epitome of the spoiled child when it comes to his grandparents.

The drive back was much less eventful. It only took four hours to drive back because all the snow was cleared.

I swear it only snows when I have plans to leave town. This has been a very mild winter and it just happened to snow two Fridays in a row. But I didn’t let it ruin my plans the second time.

And really, it was worth it. I really don’t want to ever go through it again, but at least we got to see mom. I told her, next time, we’re meeting halfway. She agreed.

Oh, good thing about visiting mom? She entertains the kiddo so I’m able to get lots of reading done. And wrote a whole chapter for Post-Its. I think it’s coming along nicely. Mom even read the first chapter and got all excited about it.

Also, had my very first video chat. It was with my sister and her husband, who live in New Mexico. She had been at mom’s the weekend before, when I was originally supposed to be there. So, we video chatted instead. The kiddo thought it was pretty awesome.

Oh! One more thing before I go. Adorable kiddo moment of the weekend: We’re in a little convenience store to grab some drinks for the drive home. I took a Pepsi out of the fridge, and he looks at me with an evil eye. “Mom. You don’t drink soda. It’s bad for you. It will make you fat.” Then he took it out of my hand and put it back. I couldn’t stop laughing at my little conscience. He made me get a Fuze, which really was a better choice. I think I’m going to tell him more things that are bad for you. He can be my little nutritionist.

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