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I haven’t really talked about it a lot since the end of NaNoWriMo, but the title of my book-in-progress is Post-Its: A Love Story. It’s been on my mind a lot since November, but even more so recently as my friend, Brianna, has been encouraging me to get going on the editing and rewriting process.

I’m still so amazed at this little story I wrote. This is the longest story I have ever written an ending to. I’ve written lots of short stories that have endings, and I started a lot of novels in the past few years, but none of them have had endings. I think that’s the biggest source of  pride for me right now, that I actually completed a story. It’s an incredible feeling. The story doesn’t quite feel finished, but only because there seems to be stuff missing from the middle. I have lots of ideas on where this needs to go, and it’s about time I get going on it.

So, yesterday, during my 750 words challenge, I started rewriting Post-Its. There is a lot that I am just typing word-for-word from the first draft, but there is also a lot that I am changing, removing, or rewriting. It’s an exhilarating process. I am reacquainting myself with these wonderful characters that I spent 30 straight days creating from nothing. I even skipped ahead to read this one particular scene that I had fun writing, and reading it made me grin and giggle. I can see these characters actually engaging with each other. It makes me wonder if the words I am writing are going to read the same way to other readers, or if I just enjoy the scenes because I can see them in my mind the way I want them to come across.

Does that even make sense?

I have been very successful thus far in the editing process. I got myself all the way through the second draft of chapter one yesterday, and got myself through chapter two today. Oh! That’s another thing I’m finally working on. Chapters. My first draft had none. I didn’t even give it a thought when I was writing during NaNo. So it’s interesting to figure out where to put the chapter breaks. The first one was easy. The second one I had to think about for a while.

I am very excited about this story. I love my characters, and have had a lot of fun finding pieces of myself in each of them.

But one of the best parts of the editing process for Post-Its? Having a friend to share it with. Brianna is working on her novel from NaNo, Girl Seeks Place, and we talk via Google Chat every day (pretty much all day). We bounce ideas off each other, provide motivation, and even give inspiration. It’s an amazing journey. And even though I’m enjoying the second draft of Post-Its, I still find myself looking forward to next year’s NaNoWriMo. I intend on getting more of my friends to participate. And that means YOU.

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