Look! A Meme!

First found this posted on Girl Seeks Place and Where I Am. I decided to join in on the fun…mostly because it’s the weekend and I didn’t want you to have to go two whole days without me. I know, it would be rough.

Reading: The House by Anjuelle Floyd and The Book of Children’s Classics

Looking forward to: Seeing a good friend on Saturday.

Stressing about: Not a whole lot. There’s a lot I need to get done, but (for once in my life!) I’m not really stressing out over any of it.

Craving: a girl’s night out…with someone not completely obsessed about herself.

Wanting: less crap in my home.

Proud of myself for: editing & rewriting 3.5 chapters of my novel.

Wearing: brown shirt w/ Golden Gate bridge image, grey pants, boots…and unmentionables o.O

Avoiding: monotony

Sick of: a certain selfish person. And my inability to be straight with him or her.

Learning: to juggle the various things going on in my life. I’m getting pretty good at it.

Suffering from: an itchy elbow….ah, much better.

Struggling with: insecurities.

Overcoming: adversity. (sounded good)

Hoping to: get some work done on the novel this weekend. But if I don’t, I hope it’s because I’m doing something super fun.

Excited for: FALL. because I have to wait until then to start classes.

Relieved by: the ability to pay all my bills this month (yay!) and I paid down a lot on my credit cards with my tax refund.

Splurging on: a vacuum. Yeah, that’s right. I’m totally excited that I splurged on a vacuum earlier this week. It’s not even a super fancy one. But I haven’t had a vacuum in my house is years. We’ve been using this old shop-vac that does not work well. I plan on vacuuming my whole house in the next two days.

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