Can I get sappy here for a moment?

Tyler was born 7 weeks early and ended up staying in the NICU for 78 days, primarily due to problems learning how to eat. Tyler had a brain bleed at birth (from which he has suffered no developmental delays thus far), had several apnea/bradycardia episodes, and struggled to learn how to suck properly (and so, had trouble gaining weight). He was 4 lbs. 2 1/2 oz. at birth and measured 17 inches. By the time he left, he weighed 9 pounds.

He’s now 4 years old. And while he still has issues eating (he knows how, he just doesn’t feel like it) and sometimes I think he might be a little too skinny, he has surpassed expectations from a certain idiot pediatrician who made me cry on several occasions. He’s smart (definitely a very logical thinker) and makes me laugh on a daily basis. He’s just freaking amazing.

Anyway…I was just trying to give you a little bit of background for the video posted below.

I talked about it on Twitter last night, and here it is. One of the videos his dad made right after the kiddo came home from the hospital.

The March of Dimes is an organization that promotes healthy babies. Every year they put on the March for Babies, of which I will be participating this year. Please consider making a donation to fund research so that, one day, all babies can be born full-term and healthy.

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