Bits ‘n’ Pieces

1. I love this dress. I want to wear more dresses. I feel so asexual most of the time, and wearing dresses makes me feel so feminine. I should dedicate a week of my life to not wearing jeans and sneakers to work. First, I’ll have to add a few things to my wardrobe to make something like that possible. Oh, and I like this skirt too.

2. This is just too awesome for words.

3. I’m still working my way through reading A Wrinkle in Time. Just found out it’s the first in a series. I think I accidentally wrinkled sometime during junior high, or whenever people normally read this. Although I am enjoying the read, I doubt I’ll be reading the series.

It’s like the library is censoring the title…

4. I spent half an hour in the tub last night, editing the first 10 pages of my novel from NaNoWriMo. Most people don’t spend their relaxation time being productive, but it kind of worked for me. Sad that the only time I can really get to myself these days is to lock myself in the bathroom.

5. I have a cold and it’s making my brain fuzzy. When I leave work today, I want to be able to go home and collapse on the couch in front of a movie. But, since the kiddo has endless energy (even though he’s sick too), that will probably only happen if I agree to watch Spider-Man 3. Which is not only the worst of the Spider-Man trilogy, but the worst of all the superhero movies the kiddo and I have watched eight jillion times. Maybe we can compromise with Iron Man 2?

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