One Little (Rejected) Word

At the request of a friend, I’ve decided to write about some of the words that I considered for my One Little Word of 2011. So here they are, the Rejects of 2011.


Challenge: I actually thought for a while that this would end up being my word. It was the first word to come into my head when reading about the One Little Word project, and I kept telling myself that I really wanted to be challenged this year. But when the truth comes out, it was way too scary. I would still like to be challenged, but I really don’t want to spend an entire year in challenges. I’m not ready.

Reciprocity: I would have never survived the last few years without the generosity of other people. Therefore, I wanted this to be the year that I finally start giving back. And although I am still going to be more charitable in 2011, it just didn’t feel right to focus an entire year on it.

Focus: This actually ended up being my friend’s One Little Word. And it’s a good one. I believe that, to achieve our goals in life, it is important to focus. In my case, it would have been to focus on improving one thing at a time in my life in order to move forward. That’s where I came up with my One Little Word.

Love: This word always makes me think about romantic relationships. And I am not even ready to think about being ready for another relationship. So, while my love for my kiddo is extremely important to me (every year), this just didn’t make the cut.

Patience: If I was choosing a list of words for the year, this would be on it. If I was choosing a list of words for my life, this would be near the top. But I think I’ve already worked on my patience enough. It’s an on-going battle.

Accept: As pointed out by my friend, this word alludes to “settling” for most people. However, if I had chosen this word, it would have been accepting who I am, how I am, and what has happened to me. It would be accepting my past, and refusing to let myself obsess over those things that have happened that I can not change.This word really stems from the therapy I took through the University quite a while ago. But it just didn’t quite fit.

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