This post will make you think I’m "special"

Yeah, I can laugh about it now. It’s cool. But I seem to have missed an entire month this year. What happened in November 2010?

. . .

I had to use this. A lot. Not because I’m asthmatic. I just had bronchitis. For two weeks. Ugh.

My friend Jamie moved into her new house, which means we live in the same city! I have no pictures from said moving extravaganza, so instead I’ll just share some of my new favorite peek-tures of us. Be jealous of our sexiness.

My brother drove through town and stopped by to say hi. He got in around 9 PM and we just ended up sitting on my couch talking all night. He left at 6:30 AM to continue his trip. I usually get to see him about once a year, but it’s always a good time. He calls the kiddo Fight Club, which I love because it’s original.

Thanksgiving was spent at Jamie & Adam’s new abode. And since I have no pictures, and can’t figure out this photo editing software, here is a crude rendering of what it was like.

Note: Jamie’s grandpa is a yellow sleepy-face because I could not find a picture of him on Facebook, and he fell asleep on the table after dinner. I used a sleepy-face for Adam, because he sleeps a lot. Yes, this could have been done much better, but I’m lazy. It made me giggle anyhow.

Oh yeah, took the kiddo to Target and found awesome coats. I posted pictures on Facebook, hoping some family member would buy him the peacoat, instead of some lame toy that he probably won’t even play with. Because the peacoat is cute. And I have one. We would match. And what kid doesn’t want to match his mother?
I asked for a serious picture, and this is what I got. I’m particularly drawn to this picture, if only because I love his lips.
I let the kiddo decorate the X-Mas tree this year. Well, I did the lights and put about two ornaments up towards the top. The rest? Lower right hand corner there. In fact, there’s a branch at the bottom holding three ornaments. It’s awesome. And yes, I’m totally leaving it like that.
And I guess that was my November, besides writing a 50,000+ novel. It’s possible that more happened, but I was either in a writing daze or I was sick.

. . .

I think I may be delirious or something. This post is only going to be amusing to me.

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