Merry Santaday!

Merry two-days-after Christmas.

I seem to be quite the bah-humbug this year, so perhaps I shouldn’t write a post centered around a holiday I don’t even want to celebrate but do because I totally feel the peer pressure from all his little day care friends and their parents who are responsible for teaching him about Santa because I don’t remember being the first one to tell him so now he knows about the mysterious man bearing presents once a year but I don’t know how to explain the why.

How do you explain Christmas to a child who doesn’t know Christ?

How do explain where Santa fits into the mix?

I would almost prefer to tell him the truth about Santa. Tell him the fat man doesn’t exist. But the spirit of Santa is what should be focused on. Teach him about giving. Donations. Toys for Tots. Canned food drives. And not just in December, but all throughout the year.

I think that sounds a lot better than celebrating some silly commercialized Christian-based holiday that has become more about encouraging greed in our children than anything else.

Or maybe I’m just a _______.

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