NaNoWrimo Week #3 Update

This isn’t much of an update. I had bronchitis all last week, and still have it this week. I missed a lot of time at work, and missed out on a lot of writing. I was almost 10,000 words behind at the beginning of this past weekend. Then, miraculously, I got my laptop to work. Nothing else works on it, but if I finagle it right, I can get a Word document up. So I caught up with my word count over the weekend. Back on track!

With all this falling behind and catching up happening, I’m really not worried about making my word count. What I’m worried about is, how the hell am I going to end this story?

Speaking of the story, I’m kind of hating a lot of it. I’m glad I’m writing, but this story is going to need a lot of rewriting and editing before it’s ready to see any readers. And I mean any. I’m going to do a few rewrites and then let about two people read it. Anybody else that wants to read, is going to have to wait until I feel a lot more confident about it.

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