I am a freaking WINNER!

Yeah, that’s right. I just won NaNoWriMo. And it’s only 10 AM on November 30th. I feel relieved and exhausted and proud…

but also a little disappointed.

First of all, my novel is 50,007 words. Yeah, I won by 7 whole words. I finished the story yesterday, but still had almost 3,000 words left. So I had to add action in the story in several random places. It took a long time, and I think a lot of those items might actually end up being removed or changed in the “final” version. I just had to get this rough version to 50,000 words so I could be a ‘winner’ on the NaNoWriMo site. Which I am. I’m just a little disappointed that I didn’t go above and beyond. Maybe that was expecting too much from myself, especially considering this is my first attempt and I was sick for a week and half with bronchitis.

I’m also a little disappointed in my story. It’s a love story and will probably be classified under “chick lit” (the genre that annoys me the most), and I’m not sure there’s anything in it that sets it apart from all the billions of love stories already out there. It seems very cookie-cutter, and I always believed I could write something a little bit better than this. I’m actually finding myself embarrassed to send it to my two friends for feedback. I’m afraid of them judging me, because I’m judging myself.

But then again, I did just write a 50,000 word novel in only 30 days. That is quite an accomplishment, and I should be proud and not focus so much on the disappointments. Because really, it is pretty cool. Even if no version of this story ever get published, I have actually finished a novel. Before this, I’ve barely finished any creative writing besides school assignments and less than a handful of short stories.

So the wrap-up of NaNoWriMo 2010 is full of success. My first attempt came out a winner. I had a good time, especially sending my friend, Brianna, random messages over Facebook all month long discussing our characters as if they were real people. That was a lot of fun. And I actually finished something that I set out to do. I am writing again, which is really the whole point.

PS I am planning on a post full of things from the past month that do not relate to NaNoWriMo. But probably tomorrow. I think I might have some work to do or something.

PPS Oh yeah, if you are interested in seeing how my word count grew over the month,check out this page.

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