The Birthday/Halloween/Cousin’s Visit Extravaganza Weekend Update

So the weekend started off by going to Andelin Farms in Spanish Springs. The directions I got were way off. It’s quite possible we were almost to Pyramid Lake when I finally turned around and, driving below the speed limit, finally found the tiny farm off the highway. I had recently bought the kiddo a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume, and I encouraged him to wear it at the pumpkin patch.

Sadly, he was the only kid costumed. What is with parents? Halloween is such a wonderful time of year, children should be costumed for at least 2 days before. Well, maybe my kiddo is special because he dresses up in costumes year-round.

Headed to the pumpkin patch, we walked down an outdoor-hallway-of-sorts where there were animals to be seen. A yak, a cak, goats, pigs…wait…what? A cak. A combination yak and cow. Strange. But the kiddo say other kiddos feeding the goats, so we had to go back to the admission table and pay for some goat food. Which the kiddo really enjoyed putting in his palm and letting the goats eat it off his hand. Super cute.

We finally make it to the pumpkin patch, and it’s hard to see – are there any pumpkins here? We each get a pumpkin included in our admission, but the patch is almost barren. There are pumpkin guts splattered everywhere, as if there were a massacre before we’d arrived. So we hunt and hunt, and finally find probably the last 3 pumpkins that have no holes or rotting spots. The kiddo will not pose for just one picture, so I take a picture of our finds with my cousin instead.

There’s lots to do at the farm. The kiddo gets to practicing his lassoing skills, learn to shoot a slingshot, play on a tractor, drum in a teepee, and we go on a hayride. The kiddo is miserable the entire ride. Probably because there is nothing to look at.

But we still had a good time. We eventually leave, run to Plum Good for lunch foods, and then are off to Trunk or Treat at the Boys & Girls Club. This is an event where people line up their cars & we teach our kids that it is OK to take candy from the trunks of other people’s cars. It was odd, but the kiddo got to show off his costume some more, got loads of candy, and got to spend several hours inside a bounce house. There were actually 2 bounce houses, so every time his time ran out in one, he would just hop out and skip over to the other one. He took a break to get his face painted too. I was disappointed in the crappy pumpkin drawing, but then my cousin got her face painted and I was amused that the little high schooler drew a six-legged spider. I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I checked out a few other people’s faces. Nope. This girl seems to actually think spiders have six legs. Even though there is a picture of an eight-legged spider sitting practically in front of her face. But whatever.

My lovely friends Jamie and Adam (with their new little baby bug Issac) take us out to a birthday dinner at Red Robin where I get to consume the Mt. Olympus burger and the waitress tells me it’s for a limited time so I think maybe I should write a nasty letter to Red about keeping that burger around because it is wonderful. And then the staff comes to our table to sing happy birthday and bring me a free ice cream sundae because someone told them it was my birthday and even though that someone knows I hate restaurant people singing she has still told them so they will come over and sing to me. It is annoying, but also endearing. My friends just want to celebrate. And I love them.

The next day is my birthday. At some time during the night, the kiddo has crawled into bed with me so the first thing I am greeted with in the AM is him telling me happy birthday. What a way to start the day!

We’re pretty lazy all day, waiting for Halloween Hallows – where the kids get to trick-or-treat at the shops downtown. By this time in life, the kiddo has 4 costumes to choose from. He chooses to be a Ninja Turtle again. Which is fine, if a little stale for my taste. (I really want him to eventually wear the Optimus Prime costume, since it’s the only one we paid full price for. No such luck. All weekend long, Optimus never makes an appearance).

Halloween Hallows is fun, if only because the kiddo gets even more candy. By the time we get there, they have run out of maps so we just kind of drift along following the crowd to determine which shops are participating this year. We meet up with friends and then decide to head back to the house so some of us can get ready for the Zombie Crawl.

Getting ready for the Zombie Crawl is mainly fun because the kiddo seems highly amused that we are ripping and tearing our clothes on purpose. He seems fascinated with zombies, but inherently seems to know that they are bad news.

The girls and I stop by a huge patch of dirt behind my condos and roll around in the dirt for a while. This is an attempt to authenticate the just-crawled-out-of-the-grave look, but it doesn’t seem to work all that well. The dirt doesn’t really stick, but Jamie does walk away with a big twig stuck in her hair.

We don’t actually make it to the Crawl. I mean, we make it to the bar where the Crawl is supposed to start, but the line for the special cup is miles long and it hardly seems worth it. So we go to eat dinner instead, and then are off to the bars to drink. And drink. And soon we are dancing. And I hate dancing. But it is fun and I see lots of crazy slutty costumes, but also a few lovelys, including She-Ra. Which I am jealous of. I think maybe I will be She-Ra next year.

My cousin and I snooze until almost noon the next day, and then we all go to IHOP because why not? It is Halloween day and the waitresses are dressed in costumes. We have terrible service, but there are lots of people there so maybe it’s not entirely our ditzy waitress’s fault.

Soon it is evening and my cousin and I don our witch hats, and the kiddo decides that tonight he will be Venom. Except we got the Venom costume at Goodwill, so there is no mask. So I paint a mask onto his face. He loves it. I think he looks like a little burglar. But he’s cute nontheless, and he is excited to have a Venom face.

Trick-or-treating is fun. My cousin spends the whole time texting people, but the kiddo knows the drill. He rings the doorbell, says “trick or treat”, gets the candy, and then conversates with the person on a range of topics:

–> “What kind of candy did I get?”
–> “I’m Venom!” (followed by some display of superhero like moves, or simply posing as if he should be a GQ model)
–> “What is that?” (pointing to some arbitrary item in their front room, as he always takes a step or two into the person’s house while accepting the candy. Stranger fear does not exist in this child.)
–> “Why don’t you have decorations?”
–> “I have a flashlight!” (waving it in their faces)

Over and over. Most of them laugh and talk with him, and tell me how adorable he is (I know) and a majority of them give him extra candy for being so freaking awesome. He is polite and grateful every time. I think I’ve taught him well.

There is a free haunted house we pass, and the kiddo says he doesn’t want to go. The organizer then tells us that there is a “non-scary” version, all you have to do is wave around your magic glow stick. So he goes. And freaks out. I don’t think these people actually understand what constitutes as scary for a child of his age. There is one room that is all strobe light and fog. Nothing else. I can’t even find the exit for a moment. He begins to cry, but then we find the exit and are free! The organizer says something rude, along the lines of my child is a wimp because that was the non-scary version. We leave without getting any candy. The organizer had convinced the kiddo to go through because the candy was inside the haunted house. Well, there were hardly any lights anywhere and neither me nor the cousin saw any candy. But big deal. We leave.

We are all growing tired, it is after 9, and there are less and less houses with lights on. So we head home. Surprisingly, the kiddo walks the entire time (and it’s kind of a long walk home). I am proud of him. The three of us stay up to watch How To Train Your Dragon until midnight and all pile into my bed for sleep.

And that’s the end of the weekend. I’m sure I missed some plot points, but it was a crazy fun weekend and it was 4 days ago now so my memory sucks. The bottom line though is that it was really fun, and I got to hang out with some of my favorite people, and I am still very lucky to have my birthday the day before Halloween. I always get an almost 3 day birthday celebration, without even trying. I love this holiday, but it is always gone so fast. Oh well, until next year!

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