Why my kiddo is awesome*

1. He was “reading” to me from a Star Wars book, but was having trouble remembering the names. So he told me that C3PO would be Shredda (Shredder from TMNT, said with a Boston accent), R2-D2 is Buddy (after his favorite stuffed dog), Luke would be “Jack like the Skellington” (from Nightmare Before Christmas), Leia is Princess Layla (a girl from day care), and Darth Vader would be…Darth Vader. Seriously. The only name he can remember.

2. Even though he hates having me take his picture, he will try on various masks in the party store and let me take pictures.

Darth Vader, Batman, Iron Man (in case you couldn’t tell)

3. He loves comic book heroes as much as I do. Although his favorite varies from day-to-day and I’ve learned to be pretty monogamous. I love them all, but Spider-Man will always be my true love.

4. He has a cute face.

5. He tells me, “Mama you’re my best.”

6. He was speaking in full sentences long before he was “supposed” to. He took what the docs told me about him being a preemie, and proved every one of them wrong.

7. He enjoys cleaning. Seriously. At (almost) 4.

*I just needed a pick-me-up after a depressing weekend. Bear with me. A more interesting post will come about. Like that book review I promised you.

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