I swear, I’m not "that mom". Honest.

Today, I went bat-shit crazy. Seriously.

It all started when I woke up this morning feeling like there was a chance the kiddo had unlocked the front door and walked outside. There was no reason for this feeling, and it hasn’t happened since that one time when he was almost 2 and he climbed on a chair, unlocked the front door, then stood outside crying for his “buddy” dog.

Yeah, imagine waking up at 2 in the morning hearing your kiddo crying and you go to his bed, the living room, the kitchen, the laundry room (quickly, your condo is small) and they are all empty and then you realize the voice is coming from outside the front door. Scary as crap. I don’t even know what would’ve happened if he hadn’t realized he forgot Buddy. Would he have walked off? Ugh. Don’t make me relive it again.

So anyway, I wake up every once in a while and fear it has happened again. So this morning I had the feeling, so I walked into his bedroom and saw him sleeping there, peacefully as ever. All is well.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling. Usually the kiddo wakes up as I’m getting ready to go to work, so I wake up the ex-husband and make sure he is conscious before I leave. I didn’t want to wake the kiddo or the ex-husband, so I left for work (always triple-checking the locks).

Still, the feeling remained. So I sent the ex-husband a text message. Please just send me a text when you are awake so I know all is well.

Nothing. For four freaking hours. I sent almost a dozen text messages and called half a dozen times. I just needed some acknowledgment that they were both awake and the kiddo hadn’t snuck out of the house.

Finally! A simple text message: Sorry, I left my phone in the bathroom.

Do you really want to know the problem? He never has the volume up on his phone. It’s constantly on vibrate. Which is annoying. If the sound had been on, one of them would have heard it ring and he would have responded sooner.

Oh, and that bad feeling? Totally gone.

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