Book Review: Forever

Forever by Judy Blume is another book from the list of Banned Books. Although I am a huge Judy Blume fan, somehow I missed this one during my adolescence. And it’s really too bad, because this book is probably exactly what I liked back then.

It’s only too obvious that stuffy parents don’t want their children reading this book because the teenager have (gasp!) sex. What I think the parents fail to recognize, though, is that Katherine and Michael really do make good decisions regarding their sexual relationship. Even though Michael really wants to have sex, he respects that Katherine wants to take her time so she knows that she is ready for that kind of commitment.

The first time K & M have sex, they use a condom. After that, Katherine decides to go on the Pill. What a responsible decision! I kind of don’t want my kiddo to have sex at 17, but if he does decide to do “it” then I hope he and his partner are responsible enough to use birth control. Preferably, she should be on the Pill and they should use a condom. And Plan B afterward. You know, just in case.

Forever was written in the 1970s, but I feel that it is still very relevant today. Except, in today’s world, K & M would probably be 13 instead of 17. Scary thought, isn’t it?

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. The language was simple, as if it had been written by a teenager. The characters are drawn very simplistically, but I think this just feeds into the idea that it was written for teenagers with the hope that they might see themselves in the characters.

I think we should encourage teenagers to read it. It shows a real “puppy love” relationship from start to … the end of the book. But I suppose that is all I can say, without ruining the end.

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