bits ‘n’ pieces

1. Fridays are worst day of the work-week. This is typically the day when all of the consultants are out in the field and I am left to rot in my little office all by my lonesome while nobody calls or needs reports or wants to pay their bill or just wants to talk.

This is me, working. Kind of.

2. My friend had a baby yesterday. So that makes me smile.

3. It’s the first day of October. Favorite month ever. And not just because of my birthday. Because it starts to really feel like autumn, the leaves change into prettiness, my kiddo has a birthday, lots of other people I heart have birthdays, Halloween is the best holiday in the entire universe, and autumn is just so freakin’ lovely.

Not yet, but soon.

4. I bought some gifts for the kiddo’s birthday today.

He’s my little superhero.

5. I am going to smother my hair in this tonight. I have been blonde with monstrous brown roots for too long. To get pretty-blonde again would cost too much money. So I will be lazy.

Disclaimer: This is not what it will look like on your head.

6. I have a basic outline created for NaNoWriMo. I’m excited to write it, but (sigh) must wait a whole month. Good thing I have another story (although not quite as cool) to occupy my time.

7. I am currently reading The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler. I got it off a list of banned books from 2009. I was feeling really angry when I took it with me in the tub last night to read. By the time I was a few chapters in, I just wanted to crawl inside the pages and give Virginia a big hug. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry.

“After a moment Brie says, ‘All I can say is, if I were that fat,
I’d kill myself.'”(pg. 28)

8. I get about a 0.75 second warning before the phone rings at work. The Line button will blink for just a moment, and then the phone will ring. It helps prepare me for answering the phone (which is my least favorite thing to do). One of these times, I want to try to answer it as soon as the light blinks. But only if someone else is in my office. Because then they’d think I was telepathic or some shizz.

9. The most exciting part of any boring day at work (i.e Friday!) is when the mail is delivered. First of all, there’s the mystery. Was the mail delivered yet? Let me go check…No, not yet. Was it delivered yet?…Nope. How about now? THERE IT IS! Secondly, it gives me something to do for anywhere between 5 minutes (if most of it is junk) and 10 minutes (if there are exciting checks or bills to be dealt with). Today? One check and two pieces of junk. I think that killed about 7.5 minutes of my day. (I also get ridiculously excited whenever I get an email. Usually it’s lab results. Which need to be filed. Or invoices. Which need to be entered. Thus, giving me something to do. It’s awesome.)


10. My main goal in life is to make myself laugh. I’m really not sure if other people find my jokes humorous, but stuff like this still makes me giggle:

Come on! That’s funny.
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