Bits ‘n’ Pieces

1. My cousin Jennifer is flying in this evening and will be staying with me until Monday morning. I am super excited to see her. I have lots planned for us. Pumpkin patches tomorrow, trick-or-treating downtown & a zombie beer crawl Saturday (my birfday!) and then more trick-or-treating Sunday. I think this is the best time to have a birthday. I always get to celebrate for at least three days. When I was younger, I celebrated my birthday for an entire week. In my old age, I’ve taken it down a notch.

2. Jennifer might teach me out to knit while she is here. I am excited. I am in a new point of my life where I actually have a little bit of motivation to be all artsy-craftsy. I have considered buying a sewing machine & taking up making my own clothes. My friend Jamie and I once refinished an old coffee table. I’d like to do more of that. My house needs better furniture anyway. Looking at Etsy makes me want to do all this even more.

3. I have lots of free time at work (unfortunately), so I spend lots of time at Etsy, dreaming of buying such things as this, these, and this.

4. This picture, and two others pretty much like it, are all I have from the kiddo’s 4th birthday party. I get sad about it, but then think about how much fun the party was. I guess it’s not so bad. I’d rather have a fun party with no pictures than a crappy party with lots of pictures (Although I still hope that someone will come forward with pictures. I love pictures.)

5. I bought the kiddo a paint set last weekend. While the things he draws are very detailed, and actually look like what they are, his paintings are all abstract. Like Jackson Pollack. Which is still pretty rad. I had him paint an empty frame that I’m going to make into an earring holder. I got the idea from my friend, Alia, who has two of them in her bathroom. I just have to attach the leather cord to the frame, and it’ll be ready. But that’s harder than it looks. I need a staple gun. Because my dorky-ass decided to try a regular stapler and jammed it up good. And my packing tape only lasted an hour.

6. When I upload my photos from the camera to the computer, I often come across little gems like this. The kiddo loves taking pictures (but hates when I take pictures of him), so he sneaks into my purse a lot and starts snapping away. I think it’s awesome. He’s finally starting to actually have things in his photos, whereas it used to be just blank walls.

7. One of my friends is having twins in a few months. Today she found out that she is having two boys. What is with the universe lately? Everyone I know is having or recently had a boy. I’ve run out of hand-me-downs from my kiddo because there were too many boys before the twins. I am still over-the-moon excited for her. It took my friend a long time, and two rounds of IVF, to get pregnant and stay that way.

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