Autumn is the best season of the year…

Pretty leaves changing colors.

Last week, the kiddo and I went for a walk after I got home from work and the ex-husband went off to band practice. It was freezing, so we bundled up in our jackets and went off. Of course, just going for a walk is not enough for my never-stop-moving-never-stop-talking kiddo. So first we stopped off at the playground to burn off some energy.

Hey Mama; watch this!

He was so mad at me for taking all sorts of pictures. I had to beg for him to stand still long enough so I could have just one picture of us. After faking many sad faces, he finally gave me a smile. So I let him go play some more.

How could someone with a smile like this, not be my favorite person ever?

When he was bored with the playground (which always happens pretty quickly), we went on our walk. He didn’t want to, so I told him we were just going to walk home. Then I took the long way. Which turned out to be fine. He even made my evening by holding my hand.

That’s right, holding my hand. *sigh* He loves me.

It was really fun. I love autumn weather. I love the chill in the air. I only wish that autumn in Reno lasted a little longer, and winter a little shorter. But this lovely autumn evening walk made me realize that I want to do this more often with my little monster. Even if he won’t just walk with me (he’s always running ahead, shooting bad guys, jumping around like a maniac, and the non-stop talking), it was still some time where it was just the two of us. Nothing else. Just me, the kiddo, and the best season of the year.

I love my monster.
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