All of my brilliant posts need too much editing.

Yesterday we took the kiddo to pizza for dinner. The boys played air hockey while waiting for the pizza, but I didn’t get any pictures because the kiddo hates having pictures taken of himself. So, of course, I snuck a few later.

Here’s one where he is hiding his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from having their souls possessed by my evil demon camera.

Then, he took all of his crayons out of their cup-home and put it on his head.

And 0.3 seconds later, he yelled at me for taking his picture.

I swear, you’d think being photographed was a painful and traumatizing event. It’s not like I was ever one of those crazy take-a-picture-every-two-seconds moms. I swear I wasn’t. I’m still not. Would it kill him to let me take one decent picture every once in a while? Apparently. So, instead, I’ll take a nice picture of his place setting. Notice the insane number of red crayons he was given. Also, please note how he scribbled in one section of the picture with one color and then gave up because his attention span is ZIP.

Oh well. The pizza was good anyway.

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