Five things on my mind.

1. I have to kick-off a class tomorrow morning, which means getting to work earlier than usual. The woman I usually do my class check-ins with is no longer with the university, so I feel kind of thrown off my game. I’m probably over-thinking everything and the class will run fine. Still, I keep running through the list of things to remind the student worker who will be working with me.

2. There is a fire somewhere in California and the smoke is covering my city. This is making it very difficult to breath, and impossible to spend any time outside. My lungs hurt and it’s making me cranky.

3. I’m working on a community event for The SITS Girls with Tamara, so any writing time feels like it should be dedicated to brainstorming fun prompt ideas. I’m also working on an editing project, in addition to still editing for So basically I need to work on time management.

4. My son is sitting next to me writing a story in his notebook. I want to post it, but he has to finish it first. Then I’ll ask. I can’t tell you how much I adore that my son loves stories like I do.

5. I wrote this post for The SITS Girls on how to find your words when writer’s block is holding them back and then totally forgot to tell anyone about it. So you can go over there and check out my post. And then laugh at me because I’m having that exact problem and only kind of following my own advice. Hence the random list of things on my mind.

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When did you know you wanted to be a writer? #JustWrite

I don’t have a single defining moment in my life where I realized that I loved words. Looking back, I feel like they were just always there. I remember a lot of writing stories, reading stories, even telling stories. I remember wanting to be a published author, my name on the cover of a book….

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Post number 14 is kind of random.

This post will make 14 consecutive days of finding at least 10 minutes every day to write. I can’t say it’s all been super productive writing, but I’m finding the time and getting the practice in. Today will obviously not be full of productive writing because so far it’s all been useless babble anyway. Honestly…

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10 things that are making me smile right now

1. My son is building a Batman LEGO set and he hasn’t asked for my help to find a piece once. Not that I mind helping, but it’s just one of those little hints I find that he’s growing up. 2. TAHOE. Well, the plan to go to Tahoe on Sunday. It truly is my…

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A sort-of, kind-of, not-really update on grad school.

I made progress. I chose some writing samples and wrote a letter of intent. I reviewed the requirements and I’m missing a scholarly writing sample and one letter of recommendation. The scholarly writing sample bothers me, because I haven’t been in school in 10 years. TEN YEARS?!? So I can pick what I think was…

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