8 ways we all parent the same.

Honestly there is too much focus on how we, as parents, are different. The media would even have you believe there are “mommy wars” going on and every parent is judging every other parent.

In my 8 years as a parent, this isn’t the world I’ve witnessed first-hand. Instead, I’ve been surrounded by a supportive community. I’ve read articles that say “do this” or “don’t do this,” but I have been fortunate not to receive that sort of advice in real life. I receive suggestions when they are asked for. I have not felt others pressuring me to raise my child the way they think is right.


I’m raising my child in a village that accepts there are as many ways to parent as there are parents.

Even though, in the big pictures, we are all the same. We are parents who love our children.

Here are 8 ways I parent the same way you do:

1. I love my child.

2. I provide my child with food and sustenance.

3. I do all I can to provide for my child.

4. I see myself in my child. Not even genetically, but how some of my quirks have become his.

5. I do what I believe is necessary to provide my child protection so he feels safe.

6. I teach my child and provide him access to education.

7. I take care of my child when he is sick.

8. I love my son more than I’ve loved anyone in the world.

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