The Art of the Hand-Written Letter

I used to practice my handwriting. Not as a part of any class assignment. Just because it was important to me to have nice handwriting. I found the art of forming letters to be therapeutic and beautiful. I practiced different fonts for my different moods. I took care with every swipe of the pen. I

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I guess it's only 7 more  years until he can drive...

8 times it would be nice to have a co-parent.

1. Car trips. I hate driving. I’ve been doing it for so long, going from being one of few friends to have a vehicle, to marrying a guy who didn’t have a driver’s license, to being the only person in the house old enough to have a license. Even once the ex-husband had his license I

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How buying my son an alarm clock changed my life

  I haven’t had a separate alarm clock in years. I use the clock on my phone, and occasionally also set one on my tablet if it’s terribly important that I wake up on time and I’m afraid my phone will randomly decide to not sound the alarm. It’s happened. The morning routine involved me

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